Posted by: Dr. Mark Elliott | October 22, 2011

Release of 2 NEW Books in October

“Primary Purpose Small Groups: ON Purpose Not ON Accident” was released in October of 2011.

It can be purchased at

Posted by: Dr. Mark Elliott | August 8, 2009

General Council 2009

Great week at General Council meetings in Orlando. I’m so proud of our teens who competed in Fine Arts!

“Confessions” books sold well and I heard several good reports from those who have read the book. Order yours at

Vacation time with the family this coming week. Yeah!

Posted by: Dr. Mark Elliott | August 1, 2009

General Council in Orlando

I’m looking forward to attending GC next week. It’s always a spiritually challenging time and a great time to see ministry friends. I’ll also be doing a book signing event on Friday at 2PM at the Enrichment Journal booth. I hope to see you there.


Posted by: Dr. Mark Elliott | May 9, 2009


As is my custom this time every year my own teens participate in a denominational ministry/talent show where they are graded and scored for their performance in more than 20 different talent areas. The elite will receive an invitation to compete in August in Orlando for the National Finals. My daughter, Whitney made Nationals in 3 of the 5 entry areas she competed in.

It’s really a great day of encouraging students to use their gifts for God. The feeling of unity and the spirit of ministry is absolutely incredible.

I am so impressed with today’s Christian teens. I teared up today in joy as I observed students giving there very best ministry to the glory of God. They amaze me! Our own dozen or so students who were involved did a great job. I was so……proud of them.

The next time you see that Christian teen at church or around town, make it a point to give them a hug and a word of encouragement. Look past the outer dress, clothing fad, piercings, and hairstyles to their hearts for God.

Speak words of life into their hearts, minds, and spirits. This generation will usher in the next great move of God or perhaps even the coming of Christ. WOW…what an amazing generation!


Posted by: Dr. Mark Elliott | March 29, 2009


Dr. Wayde Goodall says, “It’s about time someone wrote a book that fits the majority of pastors who lead smaller churches.” Orders yours at

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Greetings Friend,

Friends, do you have BIG dreams? Have you seen some of your BIG dreams come true? Are there other dreams that you still live for everyday? I have a BIG dream! Can I be so BOLD as to say that YOU can be a strategic part in helping my BIG dream come true? Will YOU consider partnering with me?

I have a BIG dream to be an influential AUTHOR…not for the sake of money, prestige, or even numbers but rather because I have a burning desire and calling from God to help our pastors and churches in crisis. I have given 28 years to full-time ministry in the local church. I love the church! Yet I am hurting for an American church that is broken.

Will YOU help me with my BIG dream to erase the nightmares happening in the American church and in the pastors parsonage?

How can YOU help me realize this BIG dream?

1) Go to right NOW and purchase my book, “Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor: What Pastors Wish They Could Tell You.”

2) Prayerfully consider investing in the ministry of pastors by purchasing BULK quantities at a bulk rate for all the pastors you may know and love. If you are a pastor buy copies for you pastoral STAFF and deacon board. There are small group questions at the end of each chapter to create great group discussions. This book will CHANGE for the better how the people in your church view and treat you as a pastor. Several of my endorsers encourage pastors to do themselves a favor and get this book into the hands of their church people.

3) Encourage any SMALL GROUPS and prayer groups in your church to use this book for their discussion and study.

4) Encourage groups of PASTORS who meet and pray together regularly to use this book in their group gatherings to study together and discuss the small group questions at the end of each chapter.

5) Tell your FRIENDS and acquaintances about the power and ministry of this timely book. Blog about it, tweet about it, talk about it, include my website link on your networking sites, write book reviews to magazines, and do all else you can do to get the grassroots BUZZ going that draws people to the strong and liberating message of this to pastors and to those they shepherd.

6) Help get me into PASTOR GATHERINGS, retreats, councils, conferences, workshops, and the like to speak to pastors on the themes of this book and make the book available to them. You have contacts and inroads that I don’t have. Would you consider PARTNERING with me by using your influence, reputation, and contacts to open such doors for me? We are losing pastors at alarming rates. We must stand in the gap for our fellow soldiers!

BIG dreams can come true for you and me! Would YOU dream the BIG dream with me…by letting it become YOUR dream too? It may take us doing it all together for it to actually become a reality. The body of Christ is an amazing thing when ALL the parts work together in unity for a cause greater than itself. Will YOU help me?

On another note, I am beginning my NEXT BOOK written to young pastors. 80% of pastors leave the ministry in the first 5 years. How can we keep these young pastors? What are the unique needs of these young pastors that for some reason are not being met? If we can identify these needs then perhaps we can meet those same needs and keep more young pastors in the ministry! My next book will address these unique needs!

In order to identify those needs I am conducting an ONLINE SURVEY to young pastors between the ages of 18 and 38 years of age. I’d love to have 1,000 completed surveys. Could you HELP drive young pastors to do this survey by doing many of the same things listed above? The link can be found on page 1 of my website.

Thanks in advance for your partnership and may we make a huge difference in the church and pastorate as we work together to accomplish what is really the dreams of God.

Together We Can,

Pastor Mark Elliott, D.Min.

Posted by: Dr. Mark Elliott | March 27, 2009


Best-selling author and pastor, Mark Batterson says, “I am so excited about this timely book! I believe God is going to use “confessions of an Insignificant Pastor: What Pastors Wish They Could Tell You” and its author, Mark Elliott in a unique and powerful way! You don’t want to miss this one!”

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Only 19 days until the delivery of “Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor.” Order yours

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With my NEW book out in a few wksl…I’m scheduling speaking engagements with pastor groups, retreats, conferences, etc. Let me know if you are interested in me coming to speak to your pastoral gathering. Thanks.

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Steve Sjogren Says…

Steve Sjogren says of “Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor”, “No one is speaking to our churches on behalf of pastors…UNTIL now!” Order yours at

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